The school officially started in 2008. For the first time sponsoring twelve children at the school cost, who could not after an education?


The school was built by a single parent and is situated off the main road in McCarthy Hill. We cater for low income families with support from sponsorships.


The childrens ages range from 2 to 12 where in all cases they have never previously attended school and are in desperate need of our support. We open from 7am to 3pm. We provide an inclusive nutritious canteen service for all of the children and also a transport service. We also offer a community reading club.



Aims & Objectives


  1. Our aim is to enhance each to individual child development to reach their full potential.

  2. To develop learning skills such as listening, speaking and concentration. Our aim to cover personal and emotional development, communicative language, problem solving, reasoning physical development, creative development knowledge and understanding culturally.

  3. To value and nurture each child as an individual. To encourage a positive self and image. Awareness of who they are to promote and support an attitude to learning and to maintain high self esteem.

  4. To provide high quality education where children can explore.

  5. To maintain an equal opportunity policy without discrimination towards any child.

  6. To maintain a safe warm loving and happy environment.

  7. To foster a trusting relationship between parents, children and staff.

  8. To encourage parents partipation in the learning and development of their child.

  9. To encourage the importance of reading.

  10. Having an open friendly door for parents at all time.

  11. To believe in each childs ability.

  12. Ultimately to assist the child to be able to make a meaning full contributions to the development of Africa.


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